Where Do I Get My Ideas For a New Tablet? Sure I Read Sales Specs, But Then I Watch Reviews!

planet-hibook-labs-2I look at an overwhelming number of Tablets, 2 in 1’s, Ultrabooks and plain old notebooks/laptops long before I ever decide to purchase one.

Unlike the folks who do all these video reviews I simply don’t have the budget to buy and test every Tablet/Mobile device that arrives on the scene. Obviously if folks would click some of the links on here when they decide to buy something I might have a few extra bucks, but in all seriousness that would probably only cover internet/domain/DNS fees, (but come here first and click if you are so inclined!).


So moving on…when I spot a new tablet on the market that looks interesting I will look at the specs and then head immediately to YouTube to find some reviews. I will never go off of a review that a sales web site has posted because I fear these may be slightly biased.

I won’t ever recommend a tablet or laptop unless I would seriously consider buying it myself, but I always want to see some real world testing. As you may have gathered from reading the articles on here the last few months my testing methods tend to shy away from those benchmark scores and concentrate on real world everyday useage.

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I will try every possible silly thing with a tablet, such as running a Virtual Machine,(VM), in Linux and running a server with said machine or simply running Linux on said device such as the times I have tested Linux Lite right here on either my Chuwi HiBook or Asus X553SA notebook!

But I digress… the point of this particular article is to give a shout out to 2 of the best places to find reviews on YouTube. First on the list is AMDtech reviews. Andrew does a great job giving impartial and sometimes even brutal reviews of hardware devices. I love the fact that he points out the shortcomings of a device as well as what is stellar about it. His website however is horrible and it is okay for me to say that because my videos are as bad as his website is.

Next on my list is TechTablets.com which also offers some great reviews! I usually try to look at reviews on both of these YouTube channels before reaching any decision as to whether I believe a tablet or other similar mobile device is worth investing in.

So now you know, just reading spec sheets simply isn’t enough. So be sure to watch some reviews on the product you are interested in before pulling the trigger on the purchase.


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