Upgraded the Chuwi HiBook Linux Lite VM to Version 3.2: Video

linuxlite30_screenshotAs I promised in an earlier post today, I upgraded the Linux Lite virtual machine on the tablet to Linux Lite 3.2. There are quite a few improvements but I concentrated on the Linux Lite Desktop widget which shows you system information and also when the last updates were performed.

The entire video below was shot on the Chuwi HiBook, and I am writing this post on it also, using the LogiTech K480 blueooth keyboard and a LogiTech wireless mouse.

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I shot about 5 segments of video using SimpleScreenRecorder and then edited it all together using Openshot, which is a great, free, video editor available in Linux.

The video audio isn’t perfect, but it is damned decent and stays in sync unlike other screen recorder packages I have tried. So watch the video and learn some stuff and if you do not already have Linux Lite on your PC/Tablet, give it a try! The video is below:

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You can get all the details and download the software here. For full upgrade details visit this link.

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