Today’s Test on The Chuwi HiBook: Installing Revive Adserver

Originally posted 2016-09-21 11:52:53.

Revive Login Screen

I rather like Revive Adserver, because first of all it is free and secondly, it works quite well.

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Now of course I really have no real use for it on this site, but I just had to know if it would run. So this morning I installed it, created a few adverts and it seems to function quite well. Any of the adverts you see on here that point to are actually running from the Revive Adserver on the Tablet here.

So it does work, I am once again impressed by how much this little tablet can do and of course the ad server is only going to function on this version of THE Tablet test server, because I am not going to install it onto the Asus Notebook.


You can find a copy of Revive at this link.

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