A sad commentary on the Interweb…Scammers are Idiots, Worse Yet, Honest Folks Can’t Read Past the Headlines…

Originally posted 2016-06-03 02:04:12.

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Click image ONLY if you have a brain!

So as I pointed out in my previous post I have had very few offers on my Asus Zenpad (Z580CA) tablet that I am selling so I can obtain another tablet with Windows 10 on it to test.

But the sheer idiocy of folks on Craigslist is almost making my night a rather humorous one. After all, how many of you folks out there do not understand the phrases; “no trades” or “cash only” or “no shipping”? How much more blunt could I be?

Then we have the bonus morons who text from an easily looked up area code that makes them dumber than a box-o-rocks while also offering more than the tablet sold for on release? Seriously, do people fall for this lame ass scammer shit?

Now moving on, someone in the Nashville//Clarksville/Murray/Cadiz/Paducah area buy the damned tablet, and you non-local folks/scammers, please go-the-hell away! For honest folks the link is RIGHT HERE!

For those who wish to flood the scammers text inputs here are a few phone numbers:

1-727-308-4506 and…1-859-927-1666<– (pure scammer on this number)


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