So my WiFi Keep Alive Issues With Android 5 Might Be Cured on 2 of My Devices…Maybe.

A wireless mouse fixes the WiFi sleep issue?
A wireless mouse fixes the WiFi sleep issue?

Both my BLU Studio Energy 2 smartphone and Asus Z580CA Tablet are running Android 5.0 (I know, why?), but they both have similar issues to my Dragon Touch X10 Tablet with Android 4.4.4 Kit-Kat in that they die  WiFi-wise when the display goes to sleep.

I have tried every combination in the book until tonite, where I found that if I turn off the data connection (cell), on the BLU Studio Energy2 and set the WiFi to never sleep, it actually appears to never sleep!


Now in the case of the Asus Z580CA Tablet, which is for sale incidentally, but that is neither here nor there, the cure was a complete surprise. No matter what I did with the settings the damned WiFi would go into dreamland shortly after the display shut down, even when plugged in.

However, after playing about with my wireless mouse attached with the super nifty USB C-Full USB adapter, the tablet appears to remain awake. Considering the fact that I am writing this on my PC and posting it on the Asus Tablet right now, which has been “asleep” for roughly 10 minutes, I believe that I have reached a viable alternative to leaving the screen on at minimum brightness.

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This however is no excuse for an operating system to have a setting that is labeled “always on” and yet does not work in more than a few cases.

But it does show that if you test enough, you WILL find a workaround, not necessarily the obvious one, but one you might never expect.

I have yet to test this out on the Dragon Touch X10, since it to can use a wireless mouse as well and usually has one attached (when in use as my LogiTab), but I am still hoping for that elusive Android 5.1 upgrade.


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